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Record of Success

The Record Speaks for Itself.


Real Estate (Easement) Trial

Represented a Malibu homeowner in a lawsuit filed by a famous actress. The actress claimed that private and public implied easements existed over the client’s real property.  After a five-day jury trial in the Los Angeles Superior Court, the jury took less than one hour to return a unanimous verdict in favor of Mr. Olson’s client, finding that no such easements existed.




Employment Litigation

Client was sued for discriminating against a disabled employee and inflicting severe emotional distress on that employee. Mr. Olson immediately propounded discovery and took certain depositions. He then used the discovery responses and excerpts from the deposition testimony to obtain summary judgment in favor of his client, eliminating the need for trial.


Breach of Contract Trial

Client was able to shift liability for injuries caused during the filming of a motion picture when Mr. Olson proved to the jury that the production company had breached its agreement with Mr. Olson’s client by permitting prohibited activities to occur during the filming and that those prohibited activities caused the injury.  Following the jury verdict, the Court granted Mr. Olson’s motion to have his client awarded all of its attorneys’ fees incurred in the case.



Aviation Law

Mr. Olson has handled various aviation related matters.  In one case, Client, a charter jet company, was sued in federal district court for alleged fraud arising from the purchase and sale of a private jet.  Mr. Olson’s motion to dismiss that case, filed at the outset of the litigation, was granted.   The plaintiff then filed a similar lawsuit against the Client, relating to another aircraft transaction, in state court.  Once again, Mr. Olson was able to knock out the lawsuit early in the case by filing a motion to dismiss.

Breach of Contract Arbitration

Client manufactured apparel products for a publicly traded company. The company terminated the manufacturing agreement, claiming Mr. Olson’s client was in breach, and filed suit against Mr. Olson’s client for damages.  Mr. Olson filed a cross-complaint seeking damages for termination of the agreement. The case was arbitrated before a Los Angeles Superior Court judge.  After a five-day arbitration hearing, the arbitrator ruled for Mr. Olson’s client. 



General Corporate

On the transactional side, Mr. Olson represented a well-known investor group in corporate acquisitions and has negotiated and drafted numerous leases, asset acquisition, and other agreements for clients.





Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.
— Alexander Graham Bell